Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yay blog!

Ok, it's snowing outside. It has been since midnight (I think). I stepped outside this morning and everything was eerily quiet. I love how the snow absorbs street noise.

I have rehearsal at noon (at Longy) and I'm kind of scared of going out in the weather. Perhaps I'm being a ninny, but gimme a break. 'Tis my first real winter!

My cello teacher said the most excellent thing yesterday. He said, "Technique is easy stuff done really well." So beautiful. He was talking specifically about cello technique, but I think this could pertain to all aspects of life. As complicated as any system/process is, it is always made up of smaller units that make up the whole. If any of these parts is weak or lacking, the potential of the whole will be diminished.

And because most of you don't know me, my basic "deal" can be summed up in the title of the blog. :)
1) I play cello (I can't not at this point...I'm constantly inspired by new thoughts regarding music and am occasionally overwhelmed by the simple enormity of it all)

2) I balance this by making weird stuff. I've posted some pictures of my stuff, but you can also get your very OWN crafts at

3) I treasure my surroundings. I try to make my world as comfortable as possible.

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