Friday, August 27, 2010


Hello folks!
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Desiree Meets Mona

Okay, so apparently my right brain is on fire. Here is episode 2! Please see the previous entry if you missed out on "Meet Desiree."

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meet Desiree.

OK, so a couple of days ago I had this random idea of starting a cartoon strip. Here it is. I honestly don't know where it came from (she's partially me, partially other people, partially I-don't-know)....Enjoy.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kill 'em with Kindness....

Last week I made a quick shopping trip to Trader Joe's in Wellesley. I don't usually go to this particular location, but I was in the area. I noticed a car just outside of the lot entrance pulled over not doing anything. I thought perhaps the woman in the car was just waiting for someone. Who knows.

Anyway, I drove past her and pulled into a spot. I checked out my rear-view mirror and noticed the same car zoom behind me and the driver raised her arm in this sort of "WTF-is-your-problem-ms-red-car-biotch" way (yes I have a little red car). I realized then that she was not really pulled over as I had previously thought; she was in fact waiting to turn right to park in the lot. So I had cut her off. Oops.

Alright, so I got out of my car, walked into the store, and saw her. Late 20's/early 30's, blonde, dressed like she has a "real" day get the idea. And she gave me the dirtiest look ever. Think middle-school-maddogging. "Yowzah," I thought. "She be a pissed lady!"

Without even thinking too much, I walked up to her, put on my friendliest bright smile and said, "I am SO sorry, I totally cut you off back there! I thought you were just pulled over and I didn't realize until after you drove past me that you were waiting to go into the lot! I apologize..." Her expression softened, she gave me a little smile and said, "Thanks.... it's alright..."

Ha! She probably didn't expect that.

I almost felt like I was observing myself as a third person going through the actions of smiling and apologizing to a pretty livid stranger. Very odd yet kind of cool feeling. Try it some time. Next time someone flips you off on the road, blow them a kiss! (although that usually just pisses them off....but it is sort of fun...)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Etsy sales donated to Haiti -- deadline extended!

I have decided to extend my Etsy fundraiser until Sunday, Jan. 31st! It has been quite a success so far -- over $200 of critters have been sold and 100% of that will go directly to Partners in Health. A HUGE thank you to those who have already purchased a critter! This is very exciting.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Proceeds from Etsy sales donated to Haiti!

I have decided to donate 100% of purchases made this week (minus shipping charges) to Partners in Health, a really awesome organization that is providing some pretty substantial relief to Haiti. This will go on until next Saturday, Jan. 23.

Basically you get to take home a quirky critter who will remind you that YOU have helped the citizens of Haiti.

I made this announcement yesterday via Facebook and email, and so far I have raised over $150. This is pretty extremely awesome.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Funnest Footwear Ever.

Ok, so I'm usually not one to go blah-blah-blahing about stuff, but this is a certain "stuff" that I must yee-haw about.

I recently purchased a deeply discounted pair of Ariat Legend Cow(girl) Boots from Now, I have never owned a pair of cowboy boots. I have always admired them from a distance on others, but I never got around to owning a pair. My man-friend, who is a Southerner, sports a rather fabulous pair that used to belong to his father, and I must admit that these old boots (and he) have inspired me.

So I was browsing RueLaLa... and usually nothing comes up that I'm interested in... and then they had this fancy "FINAL SALE BLOWOUT" thing going on. "Oh crap," I said to myself. "I have to look." I'm glad I did. It took a few shots to get them. That is, I originally put a brown-ish pair in my "cart" but they sold out before I was able to pay. So I tried a half-size up. I was ready to pay, and then they sold out too. It wasn't looking good. But these black ones seemed oh-so-purty... so I added them to my cart. Again, my size ran out. "Shit." So again I ordered a half-size up, paid right away, and BAM, they were mine.

They are so incredibly fun to walk in. Oh my god. They are a little bit too big, but I guess that gives me an opportunity to retrieve my barely-used thick socks (see previous entry) that I purchased a few years ago.

The boots arrived in the mail just a couple of days ago and I have had two full days of fun in these puppies. Unfortunately I can't wear them convincingly with my colorful yoga pants, but they do work with jeans and less-festive yoga pants (and skirts, of course, but I have yet to try this). This is all good.

So, it seems as though my feet think that it's Halloween. Every day. It's awesome.