Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm home. And alive.

That cutesy-wootsy snow ain't so cutesy-wootsy.

There was a storm yesterday, which left the whole city a MESS. This isn't news to anyone who is from the area, but of course it was an ordeal for me. The part that makes it very difficult is that I have to travel with my cello on the street. At one point I did have to literally CRAWL on a pile of snow with my cello on my back so that I wouldn't fall.

My suede boots, which have been sprayed with water-repellent, have kept me dry, yet they slip like crazy. A girl at Longy recommended buying a pair of "Yak Tracks," which aid in the death-fear-factor of walking on ice. So I went to City Sports after rehearsal (with my cello et al), got a pair of Yak Tracks, and realized that there was no way I could wear these things indoors. They are metal coils wrapped around rubber that go on the bottoms of your shoes that act as little clamps in the ice. Since these little guys are only practical while en route and not on concrete, I decided to buy a pair of tall rubber boots. These came from Eastern Mountain Sports, which is a few shops over from City Sports. These boots are hefty, yet not warm. So I bought 4 pairs of warm socks. $150 later, I felt guilty but more safe than before. I took the subway home, as the bus is just too gross and I didn't feel like trudging up my block from Mass Ave after getting off the bus. I exited the subway at Davis, and realized that I had no cash and that I should probably get some and deposit a few checks. Another little trek to the bank, no big deal. Then I realized that I was almost out of fruits/veggies, so I got some at the little Indian super-market a couple blocks down from the bank. At this point I had my cello, my huge shoe-box, and my canvas tote bag. After getting some groceries (including salt for my walkway), I added 2 more enormous bags to my load. Adding a good 30 pounds or more to myself, I made the final trek home. I almost tripped only once, which is a good sign. The rubber boots (which I wore immediately after purchasing) gripped to the snow pretty well.

The moment I turned onto Cameron Ave, I felt the most genuine sigh of relief I have ever felt (I think). I only had about 2 more minutes of agony before I stepped into my lovely apartment....

And now I'm here. I can practice cello, drink tea, and enjoy the warmth in peace.

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