Friday, April 11, 2008

Quick random thoughts.

I am graduating in a month. This is good.

Walking outside in sunny 70-degree weather gives me such a sense of pleasure, even when I am really tired.

The Diva Cup is the BEST form of menstrual protection ever. Check it out.

My cello needs to go to the cello doctor and get help.

I still do not know if I got the job in Providence...

I love teaching cello.

I want to start doing collage-art.

I love my man-person very deeply.

I got a free flight to Los Angeles on American Airlines because I have racked up enough miles WITHOUT using an AA credit card. Go me.

At some point I want to be a pet-owner again. I used to have fish, a turtle, rats, cats, dogs (at various points in my life) but it has been a while since I have enjoyed these little critters...

More clay creations need to be made. Cowgirl, dog scratching its ass on the ground, cat licking its butt, more earrings, and more cello-art.

OK, that's all for now.

Take care, kids.

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