Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Me so bad.

Ok, so it's been almost a year since I have written a blog. I have no good excuse, except that "I've been busy." But that statement is everyone's easy-way-out sort of excuse. Whatever.

I'm in California at the moment. I've been here since December 24. I fly back to Boston tonight. I hate flying, but it'll be great to get back to my little cozy cave-of-an-apartment. I recorded an album with Brad Dutz while I was here (and also performed with him), sold four things on Etsy, made an assortment of crazy creations, and read. A lot. I read three Murakami books (WILD SHEEP CHASE, DANCE DANCE DANCE, SOUTH OF THE BORDER WEST OF THE SUN) and two Banana Yoshimoto books (ASLEEP, GOODBYE TSUGUMI). I also read half of TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE but stopped because it was sort of pissing me off. I took care of my dying nana for 1.5 years and reading this soap-boxy-crap about a student's relationship with an old professor just seemed kind of lame. Whatever.

Seeing family was very good, actually. My dad is on anti-depressants now so he's about 50 times nicer and less angry than he used to be. I'm not sure how brain drugs really this the "real" him? Who knows, but I like him this way. It's easier on my family as well.

At the end of the month I begin my last semester at Longy. Scary stuffs. I have to give a solo recital and I will also be applying for a big-girl job in Providence, RI. Application stuff is quite scary. Letters of recommendation, fancy resume, my letter of interest,'s like exposing my soul to the universe. I have to begin this stuff while I'm on the plane.

Alrighty, well I will try and keep this blog updated more regularly.

Oh yes, in crafty news, I must tell you about the items that I sold. My robot string quartet (my favorite piece by far), felt grape pin (which I made so long ago), Sylvester the Sperm-Like Snake (a crochet scarf/amigurumi/thing), and my polymer clay "Sea Lion in his Happy Place." Very nice. I also made a purchase of the cutest hummingbird ever from It's so cute it makes me want to cry.


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