Sunday, March 4, 2007

Been making stuff....

Since the erection of the new Etsy Constitution, I have been inspired to make a somewhat naughty piece. Well, the first one I made before people got psycho about censorship of "mature" items:

Then I went a tad further and made a little nude sculpture:

Her name is Sarah B. Wilkinson. Her bio can be found on my Etsy page, yet I have conveniently included it here:

HOTTEST NUDE Polymer Clay Super-Model~~

This is Sarah B. Wilkinson, and she loves hanging out naked. Although she doesn't like being completely naked, as she is sporting a hat, earrings, and a necklace. She is just glowing with excitement, as you can see from the little glitter sparkles emanating from her chocolate-colored flesh. I haven't asked her, but I've got a hunch that she had a really good night.

Sarah B. Wilkinson measures 3.25" from hand to toe (in the reclined position) and is about 2" from her bum to her head. Her limbs are supported with metal wires so that she doesn't fall apart (like in clay-matian).


In other Etsy news, I sold my Pig Pin:

That made me happy. :) :)

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Jewelry by Tara said...

Always love to see your sperminated buttons!! Keep up the great and original design ideas:)